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Website Maintenance

Your new Web Site Design is now live!
A New Western Productions Web Site Maintenance Plan will keep your new web site fresh and accurately in tune. 

All New Western Productions Web Site Maintenance Plans will include these 5 important chores: 

  •  • Keep your site updated with fresh, accurate content. 
  • • Photos Optimized 
  • • Improve Search Engine Rankings 
  • • Increase your Number of Visitors 
  • • Strengthen your Company’s Online Presence 

A Web Site Maintenance Plan is absolutely necessary to the ongoing success of your Web Site. 

Internet trends and technologies are constantly evolving, your business is growing, and Web Site Maintenance Plans ensure your site evolves with the demands of today’s ever changing world. 

Purchase a Web Site Maintenance Plan, Contact Us Now!

Back up Solutions

A Secure Backup 
New Western Backup feels your data security and privacy are very serious issues. That is why all your files will have security equal to that of banks. 

Unlimited Storage
Since everything else is done without you having to do anything…why should you worry about storage. We offer UNLIMITIED online backup.

Fully Automated
Backups happen according to YOUR schedule. Silently it happens automatically in the background, you don’t have to do anything.

Multiple Computer Synchronziation
Sync your files between multiple computers automatically. The days of slow transferring of files are OVER.
Choose the files to upload
Once you've chosen the files to back up, the initial backup will take place. After will automatically save any changes to the files, or any newly added files. Set the backup to run in the'll never have to worry about it again.

Files are uploaded to the CLOUD
Set the backup to run in the'll never have to worry about it again.

Access your files
Now you can access your files anytime...from anywhere!

Encrypted and Secure Industry leading technology
Safer and more secure than online retailers. Password protected access to your files

100% automated We work so you don't worry
Secure - Fast - Easy
Previous documents kept
Scheduled to suite your hours
Every restart is an automatic backup
Mobile Access Download apps for your iPhone, iPad, Android & Blackberry
Internet connection gets you access anywhere in the world
No more need for Flash Drives or other Storage Devices
100% Compatibility Windows 7
XP & Vista
All Windows (32&64 bit)
Mac OSX 10.5+
iPhone - iPad - Android - Blackberry

Remote IT Support

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Computer Maintenance

2 Things Computer Systems and Power Companies have in Common!

1) When the power goes down, everything stops!
2) When your computers go down, everything stops!

Computer Systems Maintenance and Support Plans are as important as getting up and going to the office every day to provide service to your clients.

We provide Computer Maintenance and Support Plans for All Computer Systems and Networks from Apple to Windows from iPhones to Black-Berries from PDA to Tablets.

Customized Computer Maintenance and Support Plans can be designed and tailored to suite your company needs.

Let’s setup a meeting to discuss your Computer Systems Maintenance and Support requirements, Contact Us today

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