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Networking in Alberta's Lakeland 

In today's world, your computer network is probably your company's greatest asset - not including your employees of course.Computer NetworkingNetworking in Alberta's Lakeland New Western Productions
At New Western Productions, our services are assurance of a properly running network.
Cause when your network is down...everything grinds to a halt.
New Western Productions provides a one-on-one consultation
• File and print services
• LAN & WAN Networking
• Network cable installation
• Wireless networking design
• Network consulting and analysis
• Information security and privacy
• Setup and computer networking installation
• Networking cross platform PC and Apple Macintosh systems
New Western Productions provides network and system designs for home, and small to mid-sized businesses and departments for larger companies.
Along with the design of your companies new network integration we will continue to consult and analyze any new issues.
New Western Productions offers network repair and maintenance, technology integration, system upgrades and network security.
Every productive moment of your business is directly connected to your computer network.
Our knowledgeable and helpful technicians will give you the freedom to focus on your business rather than concern yourself with the networking of your company.
Part of our Networking Services include but not limited to:
- adding and/or upgrading network hardware
- repair, upgrade and/or add new local network cable, jacks, tracking, etc
- trouble shoot entire network problems
- computer management
- application and utility installations
New Western Productions will evaluate your current local network and list possible solutions, together we will find out what works best for you, and your growing company needs.

File Server Installs

Installation and initial configuration means we will build your folder structure and entire organization permissions.
All businesses large and small require a file server, a computer responsible for the management and central storage of data files for the company.
All computers can then access the same files without having to actually transfer the file via jump drive or through email. 
file server installation
The sharing of data and media is the crucial function of a file server – storage.
Distributed access t file services - data is quickly accessible and easy to manage
Centralized management of file services - efficiently deliver on file availability
Cost-effective scalability and increased productivity - support a growing base of users
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